Abbottabad jail reopened after 12 years

  • Posted at: 08 Nov, 2017, in Pakistan

ABBOTTABAD: Damaged in 2005 devastating earthquake, the district jail of Abbottabad reopened on Wednesday and 100 prisoners have been shifted from Manshera jail to Abbottabad, while rest of the prisoners would be also be shifted on their turn.The Abbottabad District Jail reopened after 12 years, which can accommodate 808 prisoners. The jail was evacuated following the devastating earthquake of 2005, which destroyed the structure of the jail and the prisoners were shifted to Mansehra District Jail.Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) started the reconstruction of the jail which was delayed several time and at last completed a few months ago.According to the sources 350 prisoners of Abbottabad were settled in Mansehra jail from where 113 including 13 new prisoners were shifted to Abbottabad jail whereas rest of the prisoners would be shifted within two to three days.Najam Abbassi and Zain ul Abidin Khan were deputed as Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent Jail Abbottabad.During the reconstruction of the Abbottabad District Jail the contractor also chopped down hundreds years old historical trees on the name of security.Although a few months ago District Police Officer Abbottabad had shown reservations over the security measures of the jail but KPK jail officials ignored them and after 12 years re-opened the jail.—APP


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