Avoid these random habits before work!!!

  • Posted at: 09 May, 2017, in Other

WEB DESK: Everyone prefers to wake up early in the morning so that they have enough time to do chores and leave house with full stomach but few of us actually get this task done. There must be multiple reasons behind it but here are some of random habits of many of us that should be avoided. Do not hit snooze button -Business InsiderLeaving bed is the hardest thing to do in the morning but we have to, so deal with it. Most people hit snooze button to catch on some more sleep. It is not a healthy option as sleeping for extra few minutes can leave drowsy and may get late for work as well.Avoid checking emails-JetloreIt is suggested not to check emails or even social media early in the morning. Why? because there might be no answers from work purpose emails it could make you low or demotivated towards working. Or even if you get a response, do not reply to them as half awake as such commitment requires your full attention.Deciding outfit in morning-Daily MailNo matter how tired or lazy you are, never leave clothes selection for work in the morning. A person should look decent and well dressed according to your work nature. Hence, decide what you wear to work at night and appear your best, confident and elegant.Do not rush-SheKnowsLastly, don’t wake up half an hour before leaving for work. There are several reasons behind it you may get late, you may not able to have enough breakfast, or may be you forget to bring any of your important document to work. A person should be calm and relaxed before leaving house and must be active enough to start a productive day at work.Source:


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