Bloggers’ meet up at Recorder Television Network

  • Posted at: 28 Apr, 2017, in Other

An informal rendezvous for young and experienced bloggers was held at Recorder Television Network’s Head office as an opportunity to interact with people who create the trend.The purpose of this meet up was to bring professionals from Digital Marketing Industry and Recorder Television Network closer so that benefits of social media marketing could be availed together.Participants of the meet up were briefed about the programs aired on both, Aaj Entertainment and Aaj News, as well as the performance of content and its promotional campaigns on Social Media Platforms.This was one of the many meet ups the Digital Marketing Team Aaj Entertainment and Aaj News aim at arranging every other month. Digital specialists from Blitz, Spark, Synergyzer, Mast Trends, MediaPeedia and individual bloggers attended the meet up.The focal point of the meet up was briefing the participants about the new sitcom of Aaj Entertainment “Hum Sab Ajeeb Se Hain”, new drama serial Nayaab and the new morning show of Aaj News “Good Morning Aaj”. New programming for the year 2017 was also discussed.All attendees enjoyed this informal repartee keeping the importance of digital marketing in the upcoming era in mind and anticipate many more.


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