Captured ‘Pakistani spy’ pigeon escapes Indian custody, claims police

  • Posted at: 19 Feb, 2017, in Other

Indian police have claimed a ‘spy’ pigeon they had captured earlier this week has escaped to Pakistan.According to an Indian Express report, the bird reportedly managed to escape due to the negligence of the police in Srivijaynagar segment in Sriganganagar district, Punjab.The police claimed the bird managed to escape when the head constable opened the cage out of curiosity, The Tribune reported.The pigeon is said to have flown back towards Pakistan.India has in the past accused Pakistan of using pigeons for espionage purposes.In May last year, Indian authorities claimed a pigeon they caught in Pathankot carried a message stamped in Urdu.Later that year, in October, Indian police officials clipped the wings of a pigeon they had caught in Bamial village with a similar message to prevent it from ‘escaping’.


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