Citizens to avoid roadside unhygienic food stalls: Health expert

  • Posted at: 25 Mar, 2017, in Other

ISLAMABAD: Citizens should avoid eating unhygienic food and fruit being sold at makeshift stalls at allcosts, health expert warned on maintaining hygiene.Talking to private newz channel channel, Senior Physician Dr YasmeenQazi was of the view eateries at school, colleges or other points arenot hygienic and one can get infected very easily by them.Stomach infection and abdominal pain are the instantproblems that individuals might face after eating at road-sidefood stalls, she said.She further mentioned that diarrhoea and gastro, especiallyamong children, was caused by unhygienic conditions prevailing inthe cities.Unhygienic food might lead to more serious problems likeurinary tract infection, abdominal cavity infection,gastroenteritis, vomiting and stomach cramps, Dr explained.She reiterated eating cut fruits from roadside vendors thatare either not washed properly or are washed with impure water canalso be very harmful.Typhoid, hepatitis A and E, cholera and gastro affectedchildren most in this searing weather, she highlighted.“There is a need to take extra care when it comes tochildren. They, being young, can’t express their fatigue anddehydration. So parents have to supplement them with more fruitsand fluids,” Dr added.Dr Yasmeen suggested people must thoroughly wash vegetablesand fruit with clean water before consuming them.Children must not use unhygienic beverages, ice creams andlollies being sold outside schools, Dr advised.Doctor recommend people to avoid eatables sold on roadside.According to them, water and food served outside are not hygienic,and can lead to food poisoning, infections and other seriousailments.“It’s not only food, but also the place and the personserving the food need to maintain hygiene,” she advised.-APP


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