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Clash-of-science-and-politics-dangerous-EU-food-safety-chief Clash of science and politics `dangerous`: EU food safety chief

LONDON: Politicians who attack the EU agency that ruled the weedkiller glyphosate probably does not cause ca

Dead-bat-found-in-Florida-prepackaged-salad Dead bat found in Florida prepackaged salad

MIAMI: US health authorities on Monday studied the remains of a dead bat discovered inside a prepackaged salad mix sold

Depression-may-be-biggest-cause-of-lost-productivity-with-sinus-problems Depression may be biggest cause of lost productivity with sinus problems

Pain and other symptoms of chronic sinus problems might cause sufferers to miss work or school but depression is their

Diet-guidelines-biased-against-poor-nations-study Diet guidelines biased against poor nations: study

PARIS: Widely promoted guidelines to reduce fat intake could be unhealthy for people in low- and middle-income countries

Doctor-claims-pollution-in-Britain-is-not-an-emergency Doctor claims pollution in Britain is not an ‘emergency’

London mayor Sadiq Khan stressed in December, last year, that pollution levels in the city were alarming, and termed it

Early-help-tied-to-better-language-skills-in-kids-with-hearing-loss Early help tied to better language skills in kids with hearing loss

MELBOURNE: Children with permanent hearing loss may develop better language skills if they get hearing aids or cochlear

Eldest-children-are-worse-drivers-than-younger-siblings-study-finds Eldest children are worse drivers than younger siblings, study finds

If you’re older among your siblings, then according to a new study, you’re absolutely a terrible driver.According to a n

Fine-particles-in-traffic-pollution-tied-to-lower-good-cholesterol Fine particles in traffic pollution tied to lower ‘good’ cholesterol

People who live near sources of heavy traffic exhaust may be at higher risk of heart disease because the fine particles

Growing-risk-of-mass-starvation-deaths-in-Africa-Yemen-UN Growing risk of ´mass´ starvation deaths in Africa, Yemen: UN

GENEVA: The United Nations warned on Tuesday of a growing risk of mass deaths from starvation among people l

Health-experts-in-Congo-identify-two-more-suspected-Ebola-cases Health experts in Congo identify two more suspected Ebola cases

KINSHASA: Health experts have identified two more suspected cases of Ebola in Democratic Republic of Congo, a day

High-fat-diet-linked-to-lung-cancer-risk-study High-fat diet linked to lung cancer risk: study

NASHVILLE, US: People who eat a lot of saturated fat – the “bad” kind of fat that’s abundant in foods like butter

Hot-flashes-at-younger-ages-may-signal-higher-heart-risk-later Hot flashes at younger ages may signal higher heart risk later

Women who start having hot flashes in their 40s and early 50s had signs of poorer blood vessel health in a recent study

Humans-threaten-fossil-groundwater-study Humans threaten ´fossil´ groundwater: study

VIENNA: Human activity risks contaminating pristine water stockpiled deep underground since the age of the mammoths, sa

Hundreds-of-suspected-cholera-cases-in-Yemen-MSF Hundreds of suspected cholera cases in Yemen: MSF

SANAA: At least 570 suspected cases of cholera have surfaced in war-torn Yemen in the past three weeks, sparking fears

Is-a-placebo-better-than-nothing-to-treat-insomnia Is a placebo better than nothing to treat insomnia?

People with insomnia who take placebos, or “dummy pills,” may feel more rested than patients who get no tre