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China-to-ban-ivory-trade-by-end-of-media China to ban ivory trade by end of 2017: media

BEIJING: China will ban all domestic ivory trade and processing by the end of 2017, state media reported Friday, a move

One-of-Africas-oldest-elephants-killed-by-poachers One of Africa’s oldest elephants killed by poachers

NAIROBI: Poachers in Kenya killed one of Africa’s oldest and largest elephants using a poisoned arrow, said a conservati

Paintings-by-Indian-elephant-auctioned-off-in-Hungary Paintings by Indian elephant auctioned off in Hungary

BUDAPEST: Paintings created by an Indian elephant who enjoys wielding a brush were auctioned off by a Hungarian travelli

This-touching-picture-of-elephants-fleeing-fire-wins-best-wildlife-photography-award This touching picture of elephants fleeing fire wins best wildlife photography award

A heart-breaking photograph titled ‘Hell is Here’ showing an elephant and her calf on fire fleeing a mob in