Pakistan listed as one of the least competitive global tourist destination

  • Posted at: 05 Sep, 2019, in Pakistan

Pakistan was ranked 121 out of 140 countries on the Travel and Tourism Competitive Index 2019 released by the World Economic Forum on Thursday. The country was one of the least competitive in South Asia in terms of travel and tourism, claimed the report. The low ranking indicated that Pakistan needed improvement to tourist service infrastructure, as well as international openness, safety and security, better health and hygiene, among other things, to move up in the World Economic Forum index. However, the report also stated that Pakistan had made strides in human resources and labor market of the tourism industry, and identified Pakistan as one of the most improved countries in this area. Pakistan had price competitiveness as well, the authors of the report noted.  Overall in Asia, Japan was listed as the most competitive tourist economy in the continent, while China was identified as the largest tourist economy in the Asia-Pacific region. Japan was ranked fourth globally, while China was listed as 13th globally. Earlier this week. the largest Pakistani city, Karachi, was ranked as one of the least liveable cities in the world in a report published by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Karachi was ranked 136 out of 140 cities across the world. The other least liveable cities were Harare, Tripoli, Dhaka, Lagos and, at the very bottom, Damascus. Last year, Karachi was ranked 137 out of 140 cities but has jumped one place this year. The Austrian capital Vienna retained its ranking as the world`s most liveable city. For the first time, the city index noted the effects of climate change on liveability, with New Delhi and Cairo plunging in the rankings to 118th and 125th place respectively due to "poor air quality, undesirable average temperatures and inadequate water provision".


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