Police arrest aunt in husband poisoning case

  • Posted at: 08 Nov, 2017, in Pakistan

BASTI LASHARI: Police say they have arrested a woman for allegedly plotting with her newly married niece to poison the niece’s husband with tainted milk that also ended up killing 17 other in-laws in a remote village.Local police chief Zulfiqar Ali says authorities believe the boyfriend of 21-year-old newlywed Aasia Bibi incited her to kill her husband, Mohammad Amjad, by poisoning his milk on the night of Oct. 24, because she was not happy in her forced marriage. Amjad was her cousin.Ali says Amjad did not drink the milk, which was later turned into a yogurt drink by his mother-in-law, who served it to 27 members of the extended family.Ali says Amjad drank the yogurt drink and he and 17 others died. Bibi and her boyfriend have been jailed pending trial.—AP


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