Partly Facetious: She has taken over party’s Punjab chapter

  • Posted at: 30 Aug, 2017, in Pakistan

“So Maryam Nawaz has taken over the Punjab chapter of PML-N?”“You are not being fair to her.”“How would you say what I just said?”“Maryam Nawaz has taken over the Punjab chapter of the party that bears her dad’s name and as I always say as far as inheritance is concerned a daughter trumps a brother any day. And she is being accompanied by a miracle: an over 60 year old First Groupie.”“Who do you mean?”“Parveen Rashid…”“Get that dratted keyboard sorted out before you have a case slapped against you, you meant Parvez Rashid and perhaps he is her chaperone – you know well born ladies always had chaperones, and before you say anything Benazir Bhutto had Naheed Khan in tow.”“Bakhtawar and Asifa don’t have a chaperone, do they?”“Maryam Nawaz is not the same generation as Benazir Bhutto’s daughters and besides they are both educated abroad, had an extremely liberal mom and…”“And that reminds me I want to advise Maryam Nawaz that if her mother has lymphoma which is a form of cancer then she really needs to be with her at this time; and while politics is a heady narcotic yet her mum needs her more I think.”“I don’t think she is going and you are right politics is indeed a heady narcotic. But on your comment that a First Daughter trumps a First Brother let me point out that this does not appear to be relevant as far as the First Brother is concerned.”“You are so obtuse in some matters: the First Brother’s sons are not First Sons and…and are at least twice removed from the throne today.”“Don’t be facetious. Anyway Maryam Nawaz is taking on the challenge of getting her mother elected from a safe seat so there is little chance of losing…. and lets be honest even though Maryam Nawaz knows nothing about constituency politics, which the First Nephew is adept at and…”“And the First Nephew is not trustworthy because he may allow this safe seat to go the other way just to show The First Family that they need him but again a word of advice to Maryam Nawaz…”“I know that getting loyalists when the party is in power to clap at everything you say is different from getting them to do the same thing when the party is out of power…”“Precisely!”“But she was in exile too and knows…”“But she began politics when dad was in the PM House so playing politics when in power is different to when out of power.”“There I agree with you.”


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