As per census results, Lahore’s population grew twice as fast as Karachi

  • Posted at: 29 Aug, 2017, in Pakistan

KARACHI: According to the 6th population census conducted in 2017, Lahore’s population grew roughly twice as fast as that of Karachi.Karachi’s population as per the 2017 census is 14,910,352 while that of Lahore is 11,126,285. In the 1998 census, Karachi had a population of 9,339,023 while Lahore’s headcount stood at 5,143,495. This shows that from 1998 to 2017, Karachi’s and Lahore’s populations grew by 59.65% and 116.3%, respectively.According to the census results, Karachi’s population is barely 3 million more than Lahore now. In 1998, Karachi’s population was 4 million more than that of Lahore. While Karachi sprawls over an area of 3,527 square-kilometres, Lahore covers an area of 1,772 square-kilometres.Karachi is therefore the largest city of the country at 14.91 million, followed by Lahore at 11.13 million. Nevertheless, the population growth rate of Lahore has been almost twice of Karachi in all these years since the 1998 census.Meanwhile, a number of political and nationalist parties of Sindh have rejected the census results, claiming that the outcome has deliberately been manipulated with.