PM Office says Nawaz’s statement regarding corruption taken out of context

  • Posted at: 09 May, 2017, in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister’s Office on Tuesday issued a clarification regarding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s statement on investigation into corruption.The PM Office said that the response of the prime minister to the query raised by the journalist during his visit to the new Islamabad International Airport on Saturday was quoted out of context.The PM had said, “There are so many scandals of corruption in Pakistan, and if they are dealt with, one would lose focus on anything else.”On the other hand, the clarification said that Nawaz was asked whether the present government was considering investigation and identification to find those responsible in the previous government in corruption so that such practice was not repeated in future.Referring to the corruption scandals of the past regimes, the PM stressed on holding those accountable who were at the helm of affairs in the past and looted public money while claiming to serve the nation.The PM’s Office said that the premier while endorsing the need to hold the previous regimes accountable said that such probes must obviously reach their logical conclusions.“History is witness to the fact that PML-N’s government has always come into power after the people of Pakistan renewed the credentials of the party’s leadership. This is the result of honoring of commitments made by PML-N’s leadership to the people of Pakistan,” it said.The spokesperson said that the government’s commitment to root out corruption is evident from the fact that despite completing mega projects in diverse fields, there is no scam of corruption against the present government.The government has ensured merit and transparency in the execution of all projects; saving billions of rupees for the national exchequer.The government, however, cannot divert its energies from bringing revolution in the socio-economic spheres and accomplishing the hitherto ignored infrastructure development in the country in a qualitative and transparent manner.The spokesperson said that there is rule of law in the country and all institutions are performing their mandated duties without fear or favor. 


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