Here are silent reasons behind your weight gain at work

  • Posted at: 30 Aug, 2017, in Other

WEB DESK: Spending hours and hours at your work desk may gain you immense success but at the same time it is making you gain weight. It is indeed troubling to know that you are unable to control it due to your daily work commitments but you have to sort it out. Moreover, it is necessary to understand how you are gaining weight silently and how to stop it.Eating for the company, even when you’re full© depositphotosMost of the time we eat for the sake of company. Parties, treats and birthdays all make us to eat whatever we want but this is what not healthy and make you gain weight.Decision: Learn to say ‘no’ in a polite manner. You might want to join company like everyone else but it is not healthy and keep remind this yourself. You won’t feel left out that way.You’re not eating mindfully© depositphotosAlways watch out what are you consuming. Healthy lunch is a great option when you are in good mood but it should remain part of your routine even on your ‘not so best’ days. Most of time, you have tons of work to do hence, don’t try relief stress by stuffing junk.Decision: To avoid embracement, make a list and add all the healthy options for a week. This smart way won’t let you consume junk but instead you will go for healthy choices.Lighting and room temperature affect your appetite© depositphotosA bizarre study says, dim lights in rooms boost appetite. It encourages you to eat more and you won’t feel like it brightly lighted room. It is indeed strange.Decision: To solve this problem, go out for a quick walk. Fresh air would calm you and probably lessen your appetite. It is even more appropriate if you discuss the matter with administration and replace those dim lights with bright ones.© depositphotosDecision: The cure to this problem is ‘moving’. Try to indulge yourself in any physical activity and don’t skip stairs no matter what. It is essential for health. Plus, physical exercise may help in sleep and you will wake up fresh the other day.Stress and deadlines put you under pressure© depositphotosStress and deadlines at work go side by side. You can’t just get rid of both. High levels of stress is unhealthy as it may increase your level of hormone cortisol which make you crave for sugary stuff. Then, what to do ?Decision: To deal with constant stress and deadlines, you need learn balance out things first then, cure it exercise and proper sleep. Moreover, second thing is to learn that food isn’t your friend. It can’t really solve your problems. Lastly, you can meditate as well to fight against stress.Source:  


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