These ‘tricks’ will give you an active mind and perfect memory

  • Posted at: 30 Aug, 2017, in Other

WEB DESK: An active mind is essential to grasp knowledge about anything and perfect memory is too necessary for remembering whatever you have learned. But due to many reasons, not all of us are blessed with these two still there is hope to work for them. Here are some tricks that are easy and get you an active mind with perfect memory.Use Technology To Train Your Brain-HuffPostIn present, technology is available to do everything for you but instead, you should take advantage from it to improve your brain functions. There are these applications available which can help you in this regard. Elevate, Lumosity and Peak are famous ones. You can benefit from it by playing games installed in it. These apps are loaded with information and facts and if you focus, they will help in remembering all. Moreover, you have to solve complicated tasks as level of the game increased. This activity is beneficial for mental health. Commit To Exercise-WondrlustExercise has countless advantages. Once you adopt the habit, you will live a healthy life. Also, like physical, mental health is essential as well. And, regular exercise can help a lot in this regard. When blood reaches to your brain with the help of physical activity, it will function better. If you wish to have a clear mind, indulge in some exercise specially in the early morning.Travel And Live Abroad-Life Before 30Traveling is one of those activities which are sound for perfect memory and an active mind. Going on travel, exploring different places and meeting new people not just enhance your knowledge but you also got chance to experience new things in life that may help you later. Moving to another place and settling down there is fruitful as it will make you imaginative and as well as creative in every possible way.Don’t Multitask And Be Mindful-BrainscapeMultitasking sounds impressive and make you appear super product but it is actually a bit harming. It may make you unable to remember things even smaller details. According to a research, a person requires eight seconds to recall any related information. Thus, if you are solving a math problem while listening to music, there are chances that you might forget steps of solution. Furthermore, ‘mindfulness’ is another aspect which we don’t really highlight. It means to focus entirely on one task at a time. As per a result of a study, mindfulness can give you better memory.Source:  


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