Do you forget things quickly? here is the cure

  • Posted at: 30 Aug, 2017, in Other

WEB DESK: Some of us have this annoying habit of forgetting things and smaller tasks. In most cases, you have an idea what are the tasks you need to get done in a day but as soon as time passes you don’t really remember all of them. Moreover, it may not be Alzheimer’s but it is healthy if you consult to your doctor in this regard. Most of the time, we are doing multiple things at one time and being unable to concentrate, we forget stuff.It happens with almost everyone and has become a common phenomenon but it is unhealthy for brain. It may affects your memory as well. And, if you are one of those who keep forgets things quickly, here are some tips which can cure your issue.Pen down-SEO Buzz WorldRemembering or memorizing things aren’t always easy. Hence, to avoid disappointment try pen all these things down. According to scientists, people with writing habit are smart and can do better in life than those who don’t write. Through writing, you can improve language and as well as memory. Therefore, invest some time in writing and make your mind sharp.Break time-LiveRostrumTaking break from whatever you are doing is essential. Not just brain but entire body needs to relax. Since taking breaks is healthy, it also impacts on sound memory. And you will be able to recall information faster than usual.Break the information-shewritesWe often forget small details which is really annoying. You can fix it by breaking information into smaller portions and keep them mind, like telephone numbers, other bank detail and then you will be able to recall this information.Memory room-MakeUseOfThis is strange but if you make memory room in your mind, you will remember things for longer time period. Make space in your brain and keep information there.-The Mindful News


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