Secrets of late Princess Diana’s life that were hidden for years

  • Posted at: 30 Aug, 2017, in Other

WEB DESK: People’s Princess, Diana (late) is widely liked by everyone even till date. Her sudden and sad demise left world in shocked. Grieving over precious loss, her children, family and people bid farewell to her years ago but her memory is still alive. Since she was people’s Princess, they are deeply concerned about her life even about her failing marriage with Prince Charles. It is true that there are some facts of about her that were kept secret for years. Those facts were interlinked to her personal life which she audio recorded herself to let world know her story from her perspective.She messed up her wedding vows-REX/SHUTTERSTOCKOn her big day, she made messes which might be indication of an ‘unsuccessful marriage’ or they may be just wedding day jitters. However, amongst those vows, she called her husband’s name wrong, “Philip Charles” instead of “Charles Phillip”.-REGINALD-DAVIS/REX/SHUTTERSTOCKVery few knew this fact that Princess and Prince Charles were related but distantly. The tree of Royal family isn’t easy to understand but they were 16th cousins once removed through King Henry VII.-BEEBOYS/SHUTTERSTOCK-DYLAN-MARTINEZ/AP/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK-JAMES-GRAY/DAILY-MAIL/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK-JAMES-GRAY/DAILY-MAIL/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK


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