Mother’s Day being observed for the greatest right of a woman

  • Posted at: 17 May, 2017, in Other

Mother’s Day is being observed today in countries across the world including Pakistan to express love for the tender care and countless sacrifices of the mother. To a mother’s selfless contributions and sacrifices made for well being of her children, certainly a day is not enough to express how one feels about their mother but it could be made special.The day falls on the second Sunday of May every year and celebrates the mother of the family and her countless sacrifices and devotion. It also celebrates maternal bonds and influence of mother in society.A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. She fosters her little ones in her womb and once they come into this world, she devotes her entire life for their well being.In return for her selfless love, she expects nothing. Aren’t mothers God’s angels on earth and the greatest teacher of kindness and compassion for all of us…?The custom of celebrating Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May was first adopted by United States and many other countries followed suit.Anna Jarvis first held a campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a recognised holiday in the United States in 1905, the year her mother died. The day was first celebrated in 1908 in Grafton, West Virginia.In Pakistan many people honor their mothers by handing them gifts to express their profound love. Those who have lost their mothers pray and pay their respects to the dears departed.


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