Try eating two meals in the morning to reduce extra pounds!!

  • Posted at: 09 May, 2017, in Other

WEB DESK: It wouldn’t be wrong if we say losing weight is a toughest task to achieve. There are countless reasons behind it however, it is suggested to reduce extra pounds by doing some activity, some out door running or you can always join gym too. But it is essential to watch your eating pattern that whether it is healthy or not. And if it is not on healthier side, work on it first.Furthermore, we all know how necessary is to eat breakfast as it provides enough energy to survive throughout the day. Hence, don’t skip it. Since it is so good why not we all should have it twice. Sounds strange ? Yes, it may sound a little strange but this is what a new research suggests.Recently, researchers at Yale and the University of Connecticut found out that eating something small right after having something big can impact positively on your metabolism. According to this particular study, published in Pediatric Obesity, we tracked the weight and breakfast-eating patterns of students from 12 randomly selected urban area schools over the course of two years. The team looked at six different eating patterns: frequent breakfast skippers, inconsistent school eaters, inconsistent home eaters, frequent school eaters, frequent home eaters, and double-breakfast eaters. They found that it was the frequent breakfast skippers who showed increased odds of becoming overweight or obese compared to the double-breakfast eaters.Moreover, a registered dietitian Nicole Osinga adds,”In my practice, I find a lot of people who end up over-snacking or ‘binging’ at night are not eating enough during the day. Also, It’s that rush in the morning that causes us to grab a low-protein and high carb breakfast. We pack something light to bring for lunch such as a sandwich or salad. Then, when we get home and what happens? We want to rip the fridge door off because we haven’t eaten enough throughout the day. This is often the start of that nighttime snacking binge and leads to weight gain.”She further suggests, “I think the idea of a second breakfast is a great idea. We are most active during the first two-thirds of our day anyway, and need more energy from food during this time.”Source:  


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