Does nap class at the gym sound bizarre ?

  • Posted at: 09 May, 2017, in Other

WEB DESK: Napping is most desired activity of almost everyone. And it should be as it has numerous health benefits. Also, due to our busy routines, we are unable to get proper sleep which also affect health negatively. However, there is a new concept of napping at the gym which is becoming a latest trend. Due to busy schedules, these gyms are trying on nap classes to give people a peaceful environment as not having enough sleep might create hurdles in reducing weight.-COURTESY DAVID LLOYD CLUBSThe activity is called Napercise and people are expected to nap in a room with calorie burning sleep temperature. According to experts, this room is way relaxing than a bedroom next to a kid rooms where they play, fight and make noise.Therefore, it is necessary to give yourself a peaceful power nap in order to function better plus, it might help in maintaining desired weight.–Source:  


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