One million children to be vaccined in FATA during polio campaign

  • Posted at: 18 Apr, 2017, in Other

ISLAMABAD : Head of anti-polio camping Dr. Imtiaz has said that polio vaccines will be administered to more than one million children below the age of five years in FATA during three-day anti-polio campaign.Talking to VOA, he said that polio drops will be administered to more than 5.6 million children in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. “The camping has been launched in the entire country including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. More than 20 thousands teams are taking part in the campaign in KP,” Dr Imtiaz said.He added that the campaign is very much important as the area is teeming with polio virus due to free movements of people between Pakistan and Afghanistan. He said that the campaign has also been launched in Afghanistan adding that concrete measures have been taken to achieve target of the campaign.Coordinator of emergency operation centre, Akbar Khan also said that this campaign launched in Pakistan and Afghanistan at the same time.He said that access to every child is the goal of the campaign. He appealed parents to cooperate with the teams.-APP


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