Prevention from eye allergies to wear sunglasses: Eye specialist

  • Posted at: 18 Apr, 2017, in Other

ISLAMABAD: Due to prevailing hot weather across the country, eye allergies and infections are increasing among citizens of all ages.Talking to APP, Dr.Zeba Mateen, Eye Specialist Shifa International Hospital said on Tusesday that during winter to summer transition period, pollen released into air, which caused eyes’ allergies or infections.She said that problems like dryness in the eye, itching, redness and its prevention was simple invest in a good pair of sunglasses which filtered out ultra-violet rays.She said tear substitutes were a good way to keep eyes healthy.Lubricating eye drops were available everywhere, but it was always safer to consult an ophthalmologist before using these drops.They are sterile water and are safer than tap water.She advised the eye patients to regularly consult with ophthalmology for avoiding further complications during the summer.—APP


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