Daily walk for 30 minutes makes heart stronger

  • Posted at: 22 Mar, 2017, in Other

A walk early in the morning for 30 to 45 minutes in the park or alongside a road is highly beneficial for the body than a physical activity indoors.Medical experts endorse it by saying that the health of the populace of an area can be judged by the presence of parks in that area.During walk in a green area large amount of oxygen is consumed by the body from the surrounding air and the consumption of oxygen (VO2) by the body for regular functioning of its parts is most essential because more the volume of oxygen consumed by the body, the more perfectly its parts work.It merits a mention here that highly oxidative organs such as the heart has a high demand for oxygen and therefore has a relatively high oxygen consumption.Similarly, the brain consumes about 25 percent of a person’s oxygen intake thus endorsing the saying that a healthy body has a healthy mind.—Radio Pakistan


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