Thirteen smart ways to use sugar

  • Posted at: 01 Mar, 2017, in Other

Treat a woundSprinkle a bit of sugar on your wounds. Study showed that pouring granulated sugar on wounds before dressing killed the bacteria that prevents healing and causes chronic pain.Soothe a scorching tongueHot coffee, sizzling pizza — whatever your tongue-burner may be — sugar can ease the sting. Sprinkling sugar on tongue will ease the pain quickly.Ease a spicy burnAcidic foods and dairy can lessen the pain of too much spiciness in the mouth, but a dash of sugar works well too.Homemade beauty scrubYou can make a simple scrub by mixing sugar with oil (canola, almond, jojoba or olive all work well) to create a loose paste. Gently rub on your skin and then rinse off in the shower.Mash a ripe banana with 3 tablespoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. (Don’t over mix.) Gently rub on your skin and then rinse off in the shower.Extend lipstickSprinkle a bit of sugar atop freshly applied lipstick, let it sit, then lick it off. This works to set the lipstick and will extend the application.Clean cruddy handsFor extra mucky hands (think paint, grease, grime) add sugar to your soap lather to act as an abrasive. You can also use equal parts sugar and olive oil, which acts to soothe and moisturize over-worked hands.Feed your flowersAdd three teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of white vinegar per quart of warm water for fresh-cut flowers. The sugar feeds the stems and the vinegar restricts the growth of bacteria.Make a cockroach killerMix equal parts sugar and baking powder and sprinkle over areas of infestation. Sugar attracts the buggers, the baking powder exterminates them. Replace frequently.Grinder cleanerCoffee bean and spice grinders can collect oils that are strong in flavor, but sugar can clean them by absorbing the offending elements. Pour 1/4 cup of sugar into the grinder and run it for 2 -3 minutes. Dump out and wipe well.Attack grass stainsMake a paste of warm water and sugar and apply to grass-stained clothing, let sit for an hour (or longer for tougher stains) and then wash as usual.Keep cookies/cakes freshIf you store cake/cookies in an airtight container with a few sugar cubes, it will stay fresh longer.Prevent cheese from molding? Some swear that storing cheese with sugar cubes will prevent cheese from molding.Vanilla your sugarSplit a vanilla bean in half and sink it in a jar full of sugar, let it sit for a week, and voilà, vanilla-perfumed sugar.  


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