5 ‘healthy’ foods that are making you FAT

  • Posted at: 29 Aug, 2017, in Health

NEWS DESK: There are certain ‘so-called healthy’ foods that we binge on without realizing how unhealthy they can be. We settle for the popular belief which counts them as healthy while they actually might be the culprits behind our weight gain. So, if you want to lose weight, eliminate the following foods from your daily diet, NOW:1. Artificial sweetener: As the name suggests, it is an artificial product made from unnatural chemicals. Our bodies are not made to digest such chemicals which are processed in the laboratories. These artificial ingredients get stored in our body in the form of fat and make you gain weight!2. Soy milk: Not many of us know that the commercially available soy milk is as bad as any other hazardous chemical. People claim that soy milk helps in making your body slimmer and healthier. It may do that but the soy milk that the grocery stores contain is low quality, unfermented and highly processed. This way, it turns into a harmful concoction which contributes to deteriorating your health.3. Margarine: Margarine is an artificial butter which is another food contributing to unwanted fat in your body. Instead of using margarine, use homemade butter. It is good for your health and tastes much better than the artificial butter. The homemade butter contains good fat that is required by our bodies to boost its metabolic process.4. Preservative juices: The preservative juices contain the same amount of sugar as the soft drinks. The intake of preservative juices increases blood sugar level and facilitates the storage of unwanted fat in the body. Another reason that these juices are harmful is because of the chemicals and colours they contain.5. Whole wheat bread: The whole wheat bread is often considered to be the healthiest food. But again, the chemicals it contains, which make it taste better, look great and last for days, are harmful to our bodies. The wheat in the whole wheat bread may have genetically modified ingredients. Processed wheat has inflammatory properties and may be responsible for swelling in the body parts.This post originally appeared on Times of India.