Has veteran actor Kader Khan lost his memory? family breaks silence

  • Posted at: 08 Nov, 2017, in Entertainment

Veteran Bollywood actor of late for his poor and deteriorating health and fans who knew outstanding contribution of the versatile actor to the industry prayed for his early recovery. But conflicting reports continue to surface about Khan’s condition.A recent report sent shockwaves in the Bollywood industry when it came to light that Khan has virtually lost his memory and fails to remember his co-stars and other loved ones in his circle.Indian website SpotBoye attempted to bust all hearsays about the actor’s health and contacted his daughter-in-law Shahista in Canada to get correct version amid flow of misinformation from different sources.“He talks with difficulty, understands only my husband and me, but recognises everyones” , she reveals.But contrlocal channel to media reports, However, there is no cause for worry. Kader Khan’s vital parameters are stable, it’s just old age. Added Shahista, “He is happy and cheerful. My kids Saima, Hamza and I treat him like a baby.”But recently Kader Khan’s son Sarfaraz had said in an interview. “Yes, my dad is facing difficulty in walking. We have to provide him support from both sides. After a few steps, he demands that he wants to sit again. He is scared that he will fall.”Khan has 13 Filmfare Awards for films that he has written and acted in. In 2013, he was honoured with the Sahitya Shiromani Award. Khan has important contributions in empowering Muslims of India. He was recognised by American Federation of Muslims from India for the same.Check out the actor’s latest pictures below................ Interesting fact: Why Kader Khan shifted to comic roles from those of a villian?In his acting career, he has successful films like ‘Muqaddar Ka Sikander’, ‘Qurbani’, ‘Bairaag’, Khoon Pasina’, ‘Angaar’, ‘Hero no. 1’ and over the years, he has appeared in over 300 films. He is one of the few remaining actors to have shared screen with actors across different generations.From Feroz Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Jeetendra, Shakti Kapoor to Govinda, Saif Ali Khan, Johnny Lever, he worked with a series of accomplished co-stars . Although his career kick-started with playing a negative role, he later shifted to positive and comic characters. His Southern film ‘Himmatwala’ became a rage. That was probably the first time that a comic character of a film acquired the entire poster, leaving the lead actors behind.  However, his shift to comedy was quite unpredictable. Khan revealed how his children would come back from his school, beaten up by schoolmates. Surprised, he asked them what went wrong. The poor kids were beaten by their friends. They would say, “your dad shows so much of bravery on screen; he is always fighting. And look at you? You’re being beaten here”.This affected the father. He did not want his children to pay for his on-screen image. He decided to change his genre. And who doesn’t know? He is one of the most iconic comic performers Bollywood has ever had. What happens, happens for good!After schooling, he joined Yusuf Ismail College from where he acquired a diploma in civil engineering. During his college days, he would write and take part in plays. One such play was ‘Local Train’ which bagged a national level award, and also fetched him a cash prize of 1500 rupees. This was a game changer in Khan’s life. Actor Dilip Kumar came to know about it and expressed interest to watch the play. Upon watching it, Kumar was so impressed that he signed Khan for two cult films; ‘Sagina Mahato’ and ‘Bairaag’. At the same time, he also drew attention of late director Narendra Bedi, producer Ramesh Behl, actress Kamini Kaushal etc. Narendra Bedi was then prepping for his flick ‘Jawani Deewani’, for which he signed Khan as the writer. This was his first introduction to fame. The industry soon came to know about this young, fresh writer.   


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