Bollywood stars speak up in support of ‘Padmavati’

  • Posted at: 08 Nov, 2017, in Entertainment

A lot of buzz has been going on all around Padmavati since Januray this year after Sanjay Leela Bhansali was assaulted at the set of his movie.Following the incident the film crew has received serious threats from a group of Rajputs who want the flick to be released only after their consent.The  that if they are not shown Padmavati movie before its release, they will burn the cinemas that screen the flick based on a true story of a Rajput queen and a Muslim king.Founder of Jai Rajputana Sangh, Bhanwar Singh Reta warned that they would not tolerate any ‘distortion of history’ and if any romance is shown between queen Padmavati and Alauddin Khilji, they would burn cinema halls screening the film.The threats have shaken the Bollywood film fraternity and they have opened up in support of Padmavati as question arises whether Indian movie makers have freedom to make films of their choice.Talking to media, Lara Dutta said mostly they had much freedom in the industry and it could not be judged on the basis of an isolated incident.“Such small factions will always remain there who would make trouble by pointing out one thing or the other, but I think by and large the industry has enjoyed a lot of freedom to make films and it was obvious,” she said.Citing example of Lipstick Under My Burkha, she said it was not possible to make such film five years ago, however now time was changing.“At the end of the day cinema is not governed by any political party or dictated by any society. That’s the only medium that’s a free thinking medium in India,” she said.Lara Dutta said, “There is already so much hype about the film. Yes, he will know what he went through, but Sanjay jee will be so proud of what he has been able to accomplish and put out on the screen as will be rest of the industry.”Kunal Kapoor said he thought that before doing protests one should watch the film to find out what exactly was in the picture. How could you know what’s in the film while it had not been yet released?Another actress said, “It is unfortunate that things like that happen, because we live in a democracy in which one of the main freedoms we should and ought to have of freedom of expression.”Sanjay Leela Bhansali assaulted

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