New family photo of Shahid Kapoor is breaking internet

  • Posted at: 30 Aug, 2017, in Entertainment

WEB DESK: It is indeed heart warming to see families of your favorite celebrities. Not all but some of them really love to share their personal life with their fans. Shahid Kapoor is one of those A-listers who is sharing most precious of his life with his fans, from his wedding to daughter’s birthday. Recently, Shahid Kapoor shared his beautiful family photo which breaking the internet.A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on The couple, Shahid and Mira was blessed with a beautiful baby girl who is now turning one and her birthday they are currently vacationing in London.When asked about their little bundle of joy’s birthday plan, mommy Mira said,“I really liked how we used to have birthdays when we were young. It was really small and intimate. Just very simple and that’s how both Shahid and I want to do it for Misha,” She added, “I think we are going to go on a picnic. I think we are going to be travelling at that time with family. We just want a small little picnic in the park with my sister’s kids and my parents and Shahid’s parents and something that we remember. I think birthday parties at such a young age, the child itself doesn’t know what’s happening and it gets very boring. I don’t want to put her through that and neither does Shahid and I think it’s a memory that all of us are going to enjoy. We are not going to be worried if she’s okay or if she’s getting scared. We want to celebrate her birth and keep it simple.”Source:  


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