These b-town celebs were photographed on wrong timing, see pictures

  • Posted at: 30 Aug, 2017, in Entertainment

WEB DESK: Celebrities surely know how to tackle paparazzi. Since they are always ready to capture them. It is only possible to know or stay updated about every move and happening of celebs due to them. Moreover, these stars try to respond well to media and always greet them with a pleasant smile. They are obliged to do so or else their rude attitude would make headlines too. Yes, being known or popular isn’t an easy job.Besides the glamorous part, these actors are still human beings at the end of the day and they too get tired. Also, these famous people need rest as well like rest of us. But, we rarely think about it.We have found photos where these celebrities of Bollywood can be seen in ‘awkward’ situation even they got embraced if they see these images.Sonakshi Sinha’s weird selfie pose-bollywoodlifeThere is nothing wrong with her outfit. In fact, it is a sound airport look but one thing we can’t figure out is her selfie pose. No body can tell what make her take a selfie like this.Taapsee Pannu’s picture suggests, “Where am I sitting?”-bollywoodlifeMedia talks aren’t always fun and we can observe this here. Taapsee Pannu, surely was ready to face media and answer whatever was about to asked. But, it’s ok after all she isn’t a robot.Uh Oh! Aditya Roy Kapur dozed off when paparazzi clicked him-BollywoodlifeAamir Khan’s yawn proves he was just not interested-bollywoodlifeMr. Perfectionist ? Yes, he strives for perfection in his films but in reality he is a human being like us who eats, walks and ‘yawns’ too even if he want one surrounded by paparazzi.Shriya Saran’s awkward hug-bollywoodlifeMaybe the two were in hurry but one thing is sure that nothing can’t be hidden from cameras.Sidharth Malhotra’s awkward picture with a kitten-bollywoodlifeThis one is cuteness filled photo. Apparently, it is impolite for celebs to say no when fans show up for a click. But who would say ‘no’ to such a cute little creature ?Wonder what did Sunny Leone say to Neha Dhupia -bollywoodlifeThe charming ladies were stopped for pictures after wrapping up shooting for #NoFilterNeha and their facial expressions are making us curious about what these two were talking about ?Source:  


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