Felt like being punched in the stomach when I watched Raees: Mahira

  • Posted at: 16 Aug, 2017, in Entertainment

 KARACHI: Pakistani actress Mahira Khan admitted on Friday that she had felt like being punched in the stomach when she watched her Bollywood debut flick Raees.Mahira made these comments while delivering a lecture in a university. The actress spoke about how she had encountered failures in her life time and again.“The truth is that we have all gone through failure. I have personally as well as professionally experienced failure,” she said.Mahira said that she had followed her gut feeling which helped her make the correct decisions in life. The actress stated that she had followed her gut feeling and said yes to the role in Bol when many people had told her not to do so. The same happened with her role in Humsafar. However, she was disappointed when there was no credit for her in her Bollywood debut Raees which also starred Shah Rukh Khan.“Then for ‘Raees’, even though the teaser said ‘introducing Mahira Khan’, I felt like being punched in the stomach when there was no such credit in the film itself,” she said.The actress said that it was also difficult to digest that when the film was finally released, she was banned in India (owing to a ban by select Indian producers on Pakistani artists) and the film was banned in Pakistan.The actress, however, said that she had learnt from the failure and would continue to move on and pursue success as she had done so in the past.“Failure is knowledge and knowledge is success. So it is a win-win. We actors know how to paint smiles on our faces and carry on, I did too,” she added.