Salman Khan’s bodyguard who protected Beiber shares interesting details

  • Posted at: 17 May, 2017, in Entertainment

MUMBAI: Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera had been deployed with American pop icon Justin Beiber when the singer had toured Mumbai a couple of days ago. Here are some of the important details he disclosed about the time he spent with Beiber. Shera is arguably one of the most famous bodyguards in India since he happens to be employed by Salman Khan. Shera was also hired by Justin Beiber, who toured Mumbai and caused quite a frenzy in the whole country.Shera was contacted by Indian media outlets to talk about Justin Beiber and how was it to spend time with one of the most popular musicians around the world currently. Here’s what he said about the Baby singer.“He loves spending time with kids and so that’s what he did. He is a boy, just like every other boy, He wants his personal space. He wants to be left alone. He wants to do his own thing. In short, he just wants to live his life,” said Shera about the superstar.Shera said that when he took Beiber to visit Mumbai at night, the star stated that this was the way he liked to travel.“I was deployed with Justin 24X7. I took him to see the Gateway of India, we went for a walk, he wanted to stop for a coffee, and I even took him to Shivaji Park where he played some football with the kids,” he said.The singer took his Purpose tour to India when he performed at Mumbai on May 10, causing quite a hype and generating mass hysteria in the country. Beiber is currently the face of pop music in the world and has delivered numerous hits over the past couple of years.