Rehmu Baba of Ainak Wala Jin is critically ill, needs help

  • Posted at: 17 May, 2017, in Entertainment

LAHORE: Actor Mukhtar Ahmad Shaad alias ‘Rehmu Baba’ of PTV’s classic drama ‘Ainak Wala Jin’  is critically ill due to paralysis, former executive producer drama at PTV Hafeez Tahir disclosed this news on his social media account.The actor who played the servant in 90’s most popular drama is in medical ward three in Lahore General Hospital and needs help because of  his poor financial condition.Tahir Hafeez has also shared Mukhtar Shaad’s contact numbers for the people interested in helping him. His contact numbers are 03074556640 and 03314856788.If you grew up in 90s, you must have watched Ainak Wala Jin, a drama serial having several characters with supernatural powers.

Streets used to get deserted at the time of on airing of the drama. Each character of the drama stood out for their different role, including Rehmu Baba, Nastoor Jin, Bil Batori, Zakoota, Samri Jadugar, Hamoon Jadugar, and little Imran and Muatter.Rehmu Baba played the role of a servant in a house whose family had accidentally established friendship with sorcerers. He was also known for his often skirmishes with Charlie Chaplin, a comedian character.