Will Jacqueline Fernandez and Justin Bieber tour together ?

  • Posted at: 22 Mar, 2017, in Entertainment

-Daily SquatWEB DESK: In the month of May, something big is going to happen as international sensation Justin Bieber will tour to India to perform in an event. But even more exciting part of his tour is that the famous Jacqueline Fernandez would help Bieber touring around.Reports are circulating that during his visit to India Fernandez might become his tour guide as she said,”I am a huge Bieber fan and I’ve already thought of quite a few things that will make his visit multi-dimensional. While he’s in India, I’d want to take him around and give him a taste of all things desi as his tour guide.”Sources further added, she is planning to take him to popular places and is also curating a multi-cuisine meal comprising of gourmet Maharashtrian, South Indian and Gujarati dishes at her new restaurant for him.”The director of While For India, Arjun Jain, who is responsible for bringing Justin to India said, “We are working towards finalising the itinerary soon and we hope to give Bieber a multi-dimensional perspective of India and make it a memorable visit.”Source:


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